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Come Receive the Light: “This week on CRTL, Fr. Demetri Tonias answers common questions about Orthodox marriage, both from practical as well as theological standpoints. For example, can I marry a non-Christian? Can we have a joint service with a minister from a different denomination? Can we have two services since our families live far apart? Do I have to get married in a Church, or can I marry on a beach or at home? My spouse and I were married in the Orthodox church, but we would like to do some kind of vow renewal service for our anniversary. What can we do?

Δεύτε λάβετε φως (Ελληνικά): ”Ὁ Σταυρός εἶναι ἐλπίς τῶν Χριστιανῶν, σωτήρ τῶν ἀπεγνωσμένων, λιμάνι γι᾽ αὐτούς πού εὑρίσκονται σέ δύσκολες βιωτικές περιστάσεις, ἰατρός γιά τούς ἀσθενεῖς· ἀπομακρύνει τά πάθη, δίδει τήν ὑγεία, δίδει τήν ζωή στούς πνευματικά νεκρούς, καθοδηγεῖ πρός τήν εὐσέβεια, ἀποστομώνει τήν βλασφημία.” Ανδρέου, Αρχιεπισκόπου Κρήτης.

Vengan a Recibir la Luz (en Español): En este episodio de Vengan a Recibir la Luz, los presentadores Padre Aristidis Arizi y Padre David Wooten concluyen su serie sobre la Teotokos y Siempre-Virgen María con una charla sobre la Fiesta de la Dormición de la Teotokos: ¿Cuál es la historia del fallecimiento de María? ¿Qué nos cuenta de cómo la Santísima Virgen Madre afecta nuestras vidas, y qué nos cuenta de cómo los cristianos deben ver la muerte y la vida después de la muerte? Dos himnos–El Tropario de la Dormición, y La Novena Oda del Canón de la Resurrección, cantados por el Coro de la Catedral San Jorge en la Ciudad de México–siguen. Finalmente, el Padre Miguel Marcantoni lee las lecturas de la Fiesta de la Dormición–Fil. 2.5-11 y Lucas 10.38-42; 11.27-28–y da una sermoneta que se llama, «Escuchar y Cumplir el Mandamiento».

Fr. Demetri interviews and speeches

Orthodoxy and Other Faith Traditions: His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of Boston and Fr. Demetrios Tonias speak on ecumenical and interfaith relations from an Orthodox Christian perspective.

On the 2013 Grecian Festival: Fr. Demetrios Tonias of Taxiarchae Greek Orthodox Church in Watertown, MA talks about the 2013 Grecian Festival.

On the Boston Marathon Bombing: Fr. Demetrios Tonias of Archangels Greek Orthodox Church in Watertown, MA, talks about the impact of the recent bombings on his community and the role of the church in helping to heal after a tragedy like this.

On St. Demetrios: Fr. Demetri Tonias talks about St. Demetrios the Great Martyr.

Bedford 9/11 Speech: Fr. Demetri Tonias speaks at the Bedford 9-11 memorial service on 9-11-2012.

Miracles: Fr. Demetri Tonias examines the questions, "Why does God perform miracles? Why do miracles sometimes happen to people who don’t believe? How should miracles impact our faith?"

Keeping the Fast During Lent: Fr. Demetri Tonias talks with Come Receive the Light about keeping the fast during Great Lent.

Youth and Media: Should Orthodox teens be watching the Twighlight Saga films and Glee? Fr. Demetri Tonias shares the thoughts of the Holy Fathers on secular media.

Video Games: This past June, on the very last day of its 2011 term, the US Supreme Court ruled that minors have a right to purchase video games that include graphic violence. Fr. Demetrios Tonias shares his thoughts on what this means for youth and parents.

Christianity and Judaism (PART I), (PART II), (PART III), (PART IV) With Fr. Demetrios Tonias we'll be discussing Christianity and Judaism in the first four centuries, which is something many of us don't know a great deal about.