September 2018 Message

My beloved!

Another new era and new ecclesiastical and school year starts. Summer, which is the time for relaxation and vacation, has ended and now it’s time to start again. When a new era and year starts in our lives, we rethink what we have done in the past, increasing the good things while we try to recover and resolve our problems and mistakes. As this new era and ecclesiastical year begins, we must also reconsider and think about the past year of our spiritual lives, too. We must ask ourselves how much we have grown in our faith and love to our Lord and Savior and His Church. How much have we expressed this love and faith by the sharing of our time, talent and treasure to the ministry of our beloved parish and family? How much are we sharing the time to nurture our children in our Orthodox faith and Greek tradition by guiding them through the beautiful youth ministry programs that are offered in our parish? So, my beloved, it is time to restart again, with a deep faith, zeal and love to our Lord and God. It is also time to walk together this year in oneness, as a family, through the beautiful ministries and sacramental life of our beautiful Taxiarchae parish!

God bless!

Fr. Athanasios Nenes