OCMC Missionaries Visit


On Sunday, September 2nd we will welcome OCMC Missionaries Thomas and Elizabeth Manuel to our community. Thomas and Elizabeth are what OCMC calls "pre-field," meaning that they are preparing to go into the mission field in Guatemala, and are fundraising for their long-term placement in Guatemala.

There is a tremendous need for missionaries in Guatemala. In the past decade tens of thousands of native Mayan people in Guatemala have come into the Orthodox Church. Lead by V. Rev. Andres Girón de Leon, of blessed memory, these communities sought the care of the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church and OCMC answered these requests for assistance by sending long-term missionaries to assist the clergy, catechists and faithful.

You can learn more about this amazing movement and work at Mayan Orthodoxy a website with blogs from current OCMC missionaries serving in Guatemala. Please help us welcome Thomas and Elizabeth tomorrow as they speak following the Divine Liturgy and are available for questions during coffee hour.

You can learn more about how you can help Thomas and Elizabeth in their missionary work in Guatemala through the OCMC website.