Sacraments and Services

We experience God's care for His people through the life of the Church. Whether we are welcoming new life into the world or find ourselves struggle with sickness the Church offers comfort and assistance. For this reason St. John Chrysostom rightly called the Church a hospital; it is a place where we find comfort and healing. In the sacramental life of the Church we both begin and are sustained on our journey to become more like Christ. We hope these resources below will help you better understand the Sacraments and Services of our Church, our Traditions and customs.

If you have questions about any sacraments, services or if you or a family member or friend are in need of a visitation please contact our clergy.


Baptism and Chrismation

The Rites of Initiation into the Orthodox Church include Baptism and Chrismation. The Orthodox Church affirms and believes in infant Baptism, and also receives new adult members into the Church through Baptism and Chrismation.



The Eucharist, commonly called Communion, is offered during the Divine Liturgy. The Eucharist both unites the body of Christ and is the highest expression of our unity. Through the Eucharist we find healing and forgiveness of sins.



The Sacrament of Marriage blesses the desire for a man and woman to share their lives and to live as a family. The foundation and purpose of this union is love, and through their life together, to become more like Christ as they love and care for one another.


repentance and Confession

The Sacrament of Confession is a crucial aspect of our life and relationship with Christ. Through confession we receive the forgiveness of sins, find healing, and are able to return to the path the Christ has laid out for us to follow.


Unction and healing

Through the Sacrament of Unction the Church offers healing for those who are sick or infirm. It is commonly administered to privately those who are facing a dire illness, and more generally during Wednesday of Holy Week.


Services for the departed

The Orthodox Church offers Funeral services and prayers for baptized Orthodox Christians.

We also continue to offer prayers for our departed forefathers and loved ones, that God will grant them salvation, peace and rest.


blessings for the Home and Family Life

The Church offers numerous prayers and blessings that sanctify our home and family life. In the Orthodox Church we believe that our homes are like a little church, and that we are called to have our life at home be an extension of our Church. In this way, the Church constantly affirms and celebrates the blessings that God has granted us, and asks for his guidance and protection.



Clergy in the Orthodox Church are ordained according to Apostolic Tradition through the laying on of hands and the descent of the Holy Spirit. Ordained clergy have the responsibility of preaching, teaching, administering sacraments and guide the faithful.