Sunday School

Sunday School is a vital part of your child's formation in the Faith. Through Sunday School children learn about their Faith through lessons, activities, discussion and play with other children their age! In Sunday School, they receive mentorship through the example of our responsible and fun teachers and get to make friends. We offer Sunday School classes for Pre-K through High School.

Mark your calendar Sunday School begins Sunday, September 23rd!



We encourage all children to worship together during the Divine Liturgy each Sunday beginning at 9:45 a.m. All students are invited to sit together at the front left side of the church. After Holy Communion, the students will quietly proceed to their classrooms. We invite all parents to come to the classroom after Liturgy to meet their child’s teacher as well as to become involved throughout the year in their child’s religious education. Parents with children in grades 2 and younger are requested to pick up their child each Sunday at 12:00 p.m. We kindly ask that you refrain from interrupting the class by dismissing your child before 12:00 p.m.

Each child is encouraged to pray at home with their family. We ask that you pray together as a family at home each evening as much as possible. We also encourage our parents to read the Gospel reading with their children the week before so that they can answer questions during the children's sermon. Every Sunday, the children's sermon will be on that Sunday's Gospel reading. You can find each week's Gospel reading on the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese's website here, or on the Daily Readings App for iPhone and Android. Looking for an age-appropriate children's bible? Speak with our Sunday School Director!


Ages and Registration

All classes are held downstairs in the Sunday School area. We offer classes for Pre-K through High School!

The age requirements for our youngest students are:

Pre-Kindergarten:  Ages 2.9–3.11 years old by 9/1/18 (Parents should accompany their child during class)

Pre-Kindergarten:  Ages 4–4.11 years old by 9/1/18

Kindergarten:  Ages 5–6 years old by 9/1/18

Registration for Sunday School will be online but can also be done every Sunday in the Sunday School area or the Church Office. Parents are requested to provide a healthy snack for the children twice a year.


Our Teachers


Mary Lynn Pergantis

Joanna Tzouvelis


Paulina Patsios

Mary Patsios

First Grade

Marina Karalis

Sia Kopellas

Second Grade

Angelica Kontos

Stephanie Schmidt


Third Grade

Helen Mastro

Dora Vrahliotis

Fourth - Fifth Grade

Costa Karageorgis, Sunday School Director

Sixth - Eighth Grade

Kristen Marriott

High School

Presvytera Dena Mueller

Ethel Sebunnya

Fr. Athanasios Nenes

Fr. Nick Mueller