Family Youth Ministry Forum Findings

This past evening we gathered in Metaxas Hall to discuss the findings so-far of our on-going youth ministry survey, and to discuss the future and vision of youth and family ministry at Taxiarchae Church.

Please take a moment to fill out our survey, if you have not yet had the opportunity. Your input is valuable! We want to hear what you have to say!

Survey Findings and Meeting Observations

1) Better, more timely communication about youth ministry events. Our families are busy with extracurricular activities, but, if given the opportunity, will prioritize a church event over other obligations. 

2) We have a need for more age-appropriate programming. In particular, we need to expand youth ministry programs for younger age groups.

3) Another area and opportunity for growth is developing and improving parent involvement and engagement.

If any of these points speak to you or resonate with feelings you have had, or if you have other insights, we need to hear from you!

Please contact Fr. Nick to learn more and to get updates about upcoming youth ministry planning meetings. Stay tuned for our next meeting announcement!