History of Taxiarchae/Archangels Greek Orthodox Church


The Watertown Greek community traces its beginning to three families in 1913. By 1923, it had grown to 30 families who organized the Greek Society of Watertown. The society rented a hall for a Greek School and meeting place.  As more Greeks arrived, it was evident that a larger facility was needed. Land was purchased, a contractor was hired, and a building was completed in 1931. 

In 1937, the Archdicoese approved converting the upper hall into a small church named Taxiarchae/Archangels with Rev. E. Reghellis as its first pastor. That year, the women formed the Good Samaritan Philoptochos Society to carry on chartible works. 

The parish grew rapidly and in the late 1940s, land was purchased on Bigelow Avenue. By 1950, the Byzantine-style church edifice was completed. Place in the cornerstone box were the names of the 400 parishioners, a stone from the Acropolis and soil from Greece mixed with American soil to symbolize the spirit of democracy—the old and the new—together in a new land. 

Fr. G. Koutsougianopoulos was appointed pastor in 1051. He was succeeded, in 1953, by Fr. Emmanuel Metaxas who served for over 50 years. The Chapel of St. Panteleimon was dedicated by its Godfather Pantelis Yacoumis, and icons, stained glass windows, and a community center were added to the church. 

In 1989, a major addition to the existing community center was completed, and the resulting expansion is not only utilized by the parish but also by the community at large. The church was consecrated in 1998 by Metropolitan Methodios.

On September 29, 1996, Bishop Methodios ordained Fr. Theodore J. Barbas at the Taxiarchae Church. Fr. Ted served the parish until September 2008, when he was appointed Chancellor of the Metropolis, and Fr. Demetrios Tonias was appointed to the parish. Fr. Tonias was succeed by Fr. Athanasios Nenes. In July of 2017, Fr. Nicholas Mueller began assisting Fr. Athanasios Nenes.

Taxiarchae/Archangels has seen remarkable growth in parish ministries over the years, being the first parish to have its own Parish Nurse Ministry. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!