Family Youth Ministry Development Project


The purpose of this project is to better serve the needs of our community through engagement and collaboration. We are in the process of identifying ways to improve our programs. To learn more about we are working on and about the complete findings of our on-going parish survey please attend a meeting--we would love to hear your feedback!

Please also respond to our Family Youth Ministry survey below.

Youth Ministry Mission Statement

The mission of our Youth Ministry Programs is to connect, nurture and sustain families through engaging, relevant, and age-appropriate youth and family ministry programming. We accomplish this by learning about our families’ needs, concerns and challenges. We respond to these needs with a strategy that is informed by their participation and our Faith. In this way, our programs integrate our youth and families in to the life of our community and our Faith.

Youth Ministry Vision Statement

Through effective, vibrant ministry our families will grow to live Christ-centered, healthier, happier, and fulfilling lives.


Development Project News