Putting the Plan in Action

Putting the Plan in Action

As the start of our ministry year approaches, we now will begin to turn our focus to putting our plan for the year into action. As with our meetings, we will need everyone’s assistance in order to make our hopes and aspirations for our children and our community a reality. We now, amongst ourselves and in our wider community, need to turn out focus to organizing our leadership for these ministries.

Tentative Youth Ministry Calendar Drafted

From the discussion in our last meeting on June 14th we have drafted a tentative Youth Ministry Calendar for the 2018 - 2019 year. We are pleased to announce that this calendar is now available for review online. Simply click forward to September to begin tentative viewing events month-by-month throughout the coming year.

Please take some time to review the calendar! You can view tentative meetings and events for the 2018 - 2019 ministry year. If you'd like to contribute any feedback, thoughts or ideas, please contact Fr. Nick. You are also welcome to attend our next meeting!