Youth Ministry Planning Meeting Agenda and Presentation

Tonight's Planning Meeting will be held this evening from 7 - 8:30 PM in the Main Office. All are invited, your schedule's permitting to attend the Paraklesis Service from 6 - 7 PM which will immediately precede tonight's meeting. It will be a wonderful opportunity for us to pray together, pray for our ministries, and to prepare ourselves for this evening's work.

Please find the attached presentation for this evening which will help to guide our calendar discussion. We will be having a very broad discussion this evening about how and when we will schedule ministry meetings and events. We will workshop two typical months in our ministerial life at Taxiarchae, and discuss developing a weekly and monthly ministry schedule that can work year-round (accommodating Lenten schedules, etc). 

Our agenda this evening is as follows:

  • Opening Prayer
  • Seasonal Calendar and Major Events
    • Broad: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
  • Monthly and Weekly Calendars
    • What day of the week should ministries be held?
    • Which ministries should we hold?
    • How often should they meet?
  • Notification
    • Methods
    • Frequency
  • Cancellation
  • Closing Prayer

Next Steps:

  • Based on this evening's discussion we will begin coordinating a Ministerial Calendar for 2018 - 2019. We will begin with our weekly schedule, and then incorporate other major events as our ministry schedules and liturgical schedule permits. 
  • A tentative schedule will be reviewed (TBD), and the finalized.
  • This finalized calendar will be posted on the website (available for download and to be synced to your personal calendars), and incorporated into our weekly and monthly bulletins, as well as a ministry brochure for parishioners and parish visitors. 
  • Additionally, integrating your feedback, we will send out reminders about ministries through out each month. Per our discussion this evening, we will have a plan of action if a ministry is to be canceled, and how, when and where families will be notified.